'Grey's Anatomy' actor directs latest episode


For the second time, McKidd directed himself and his cast mates in an episode of "/*Grey's Anatomy*/." He says stepping behind the camera is thrilling and completely unnerving.

"I was terrified going into it, as you should be. If you're not terrified, you're doing something wrong, and everyone was so cool ... Everyone really brought their 'A-game,'" McKidd said.

This week's episode also features a special guest star who's also bringing his "A-game" - Lee Majors.

"I don't want to question it, I'm just so happy they keep watching. I think what makes it work is it's such a diverse cast, and we do a good mixture of drama and comedy," actor /*Justin Chambers*/ said

"And also, I think we all have quite a lot of fun when we shoot it," McKidd added. "It's a great show to be a part of. We have fun, and I think that rubs off when people watch it. Even if it's a heavy storyline, you get the sense that these people like each other."

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