Jerry Sandusky: 'I have horsed around with kids'


In a telephone interview Monday night on NBC News' "Rock Center," Bob Costas asked Jerry Sandusky if he's a pedophile and Sandusky responded, "No."

The once-revered coach is facing a 40-count indictment. He is accused of sexually assaulting the young boys over a 15-year period, some of them in showers in the Penn State locker rooms.

"I am innocent of those charges," the 67-year-old Sandusky said. "I could say that I have done some of those things. I have horsed around with kids. I have showered after workouts. I have hugged them, and I have touched their legs without intent of sexual contact."

Asked whether he was sexually attracted to underaged boys, Sandusky said "Sexually attracted, no. I enjoy young people, I love to be around them, but, no, I'm not sexually attracted to young boys."

Asked if there was anything he had done wrong, Sandusky said, "I shouldn't have showered with those kids."

New York Times reported Monday night that nearly 10 additional suspected victims have come forward since Sandusky's arrest. Police are reportedly working to confirm those new allegations.

All of the alleged victims were part of Sandusky's popular charity, The Second Mile.

The Board of Directors of The Second Mile says it accepted Dr. Jack Raykovitz's resignation. Raykovitz had been CEO of the charity for 28 years.

Second Mile said it will conduct an internal investigation of its programs.

Raykovitz said in a statement that he hopes his resignation would mark the beginning of a "restoration of faith in the community of volunteers and staff" at The Second Mile.

Sandusky, who faces multiple child abuse charges, founded The Second Mile in 1977. The group has said that its youth programs serve as many as 100,000 children a year.

Longtime Penn State coach Joe Paterno and the school's president, Graham Spanier, lost their jobs after being criticized for not doing enough to stop the alleged abuse.

ABC News has learned that at least one alleged victim has now hired an attorney to explore a civil lawsuit.

Rodney Erickson, the interim president of Penn State, spoke out on "Good Morning America," hinting at what many people have said - that for years, there were rumblings that Sandusky had inappropriate relationships with young boys.

"I understand there will be lawsuits filed," he said. "We're prepared to do the right thing for all of the victims."

The interview was Sandusky's first public comment on the charges. He had previously maintained his innocence through his attorney, Joe Amendola.

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