LA Live serves Thanksgiving to low-income families


About 2,000 low-income families enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner there, and the thanks goes to the Salvation Army and some corporate giants.

"Times are a little rough right now but we're getting by," said L.A. resident Darren Garcia. "I'm just blessed to have a good meal with my family."

"It was nice to get it because a lot of people don't get full course meals of the holidays," said L.A. resident Dashanique Ford.

Monica Hernandez and her family live in the Pico Union District. She says without the help they wouldn't be having a Thanksgiving dinner.

"My family is low-income it's so hard for me and my husband," said Hernandez.

This is the third year for the event at L.A. Live and Salvation Army officials said without the corporate sponsors none of it would have been possible.

"They allow us to not only do it tonight, but that also says tomorrow we'll have our doors open because we didn't put out a lot of our resources to make this happen tonight," said Major Mike Dickinson from Salvation Army.

Many in the largely Hispanic neighborhood are struggling to make ends meet.

"I'm just working two days and my husband used to be full time," said L.A. resident Carmen Flores. "We have three kids so it's hard for us at this time."

"It's really hard now this time but even though it's little we try to have a little something on the table," said L.A. resident Rosa Oliva.

Wednesday night was traditional turkey dinner, shared with love and hope for those who many need it the most.

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