Community saves holiday Snoopy House display


A tradition started more than 40 years ago at his parents' home in Costa Mesa; a celebration he feared would end after the house was foreclosed by the bank.

"When we lost the home, I was absolutely devastated, not that we lost the home, not that we lost our retirement, not that we lost the equity, but that I wouldn't be able to bring this to the citizens of Costa Mesa, the children," Jordan said.

Nicknamed the Snoopy House because of its elaborate Charlie Brown-themed decorations and moving characters, more than 80,000 people visited the display last year.

"Jim Jordan has put the Christmas spirit in a lot of people in the city of Costa Mesa. We have people that came here when they were kids that are now bringing their kids," said Robert Ashley of Costa Mesa.

The support from the community and the drive to save the Snoopy House stunned the 59-year-old remodeling contractor.

"To have the people, the community, come around me and tell me how bad they felt for me, it was just, it's been very heart-warming," Jordan said.

The city of Costa Mesa then stepped forward.

"This was a 44-year-old tradition that is very special to Costa Mesa so we just had to do what we could do to help," said Costa Mesa CEO Tom Hatch.

So the display is going up in front of city hall. City officials say they hope to get donations to cover minor costs, such as the $1,800 dollar electricity bill.

Dozens of volunteers plan to help out over the weekend, showing their holiday spirit to the man who brought so much joy to others for so many years.

"I was absolutely elated. My heart leaped for joy and a lot of healing began," said Jordan.

Volunteers are planning a lighting ceremony for the display at city hall Dec. 13 at 5:30 p.m.

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