200-lb. 3rd grader in Ohio to live with uncle


The third grader, who was not in court, has been living in foster care.

He was taken from his mother for what child services called a case of medical neglect. Since moving in with a foster family, he has lost 30 pounds.

The ACLU had pushed for him to be returned to his mother, but said it was pleased with a judge's order sending the boy to live with his uncle.

"It was an agreement. We obviously preferred that he would go home to mom. But given the circumstances, he'll be in a healthy environment. He'll be with an uncle. He'll have a cousin," said James Hardiman of ACLU.

The boy will be allowed to spend a week with his mother for Christmas.

The mother left court without commenting, but the placement with her brother living in the Columbus area had been accepted by all sides before it was announced during a brief court hearing.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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