Corona del Mar serves notice on man's chickens


The chickens roam Michael Resk's yard in Corona del Mar. The pets have been part of the family for more than a year.

"I thought they'd be fun for the neighborhood. I have a really large yard. There's a front and a back, and I thought it would just be something interesting to kind of sit and watch and enjoy," said Resk.

Nicknamed the "Goldenrod Six," there are six hens. The home sits on Goldenrod Avenue.

"They're really cool and I think it's kind of unique," said Toni Wickstrom, a resident of Corona Del Mar.

Many residents have come to look forward to visiting the flock. "The girls" are especially popular with children.

"There's an autistic child who lives two doors down who comes down and plays with the chickens a lot and she's really progressed a lot in the communication. She's 4 years old now," said Resk.

But the fate of the six is uncertain.

More than a week ago someone in the neighborhood complained about the chickens. That led to a visit from Animal Control, and a verbal warning.

"They've given me two weeks to get rid of them and we're hoping that we can find an amicable solution with the city to try and maintain them here," said Resk.

City Hall is closed for the holidays.

According to city code, wild fowl and game birds are not allowed in the city without a permit, something Resk says he was unaware of when he bought the chickens. He's started a campaign on Facebook, hoping to win support from residents to keep the Goldenrod Six at home.

"I grew up with chickens and roosters, so it doesn't bother me," said "Ashwin," a resident of Corona Del Mar.

Resk says he's willing to get a permit if that's what it takes to save what's become a fixture in the neighborhood.

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