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Lori Corbin's one-minute workout: Squat-lunge combo

February 14, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
Today's one-minute workout is all about stretching and strengthening your bottom half with a squat-lunge combo.

Start with what is known as an open leg or plie squat at a counter top. Open legs comfortably, then bend and straighten knees so that you not only feel the strength in your thighs and hamstrings, but you will also feel a good stretch in your hip as well.

Try doing four open leg squats, then rotate your body facing right so that when you bend your knees, you'll be lunging and putting more emphasis on working the right glute while stretching your left hip and thigh. Do four lunges then back to the squat move.

No surprise, you'll want to lunge left to even things out. Remember to keep your knee on top of your foot, but not so far over your toe that you feel pressure in your knee.

Do each move four times in each direction, then go to two times, then single to get a great workout from your waist to your toe.