Osama bin Laden widows get 45-day prison sentence


Bin Laden spent much of his time in Pakistan between 2002 and his death last year. His three wives and several of his children also lived there. The terror leader was killed in a military raid last May and his widows were arrested.

A family attorney says the women, plus two of bin Laden's daughters, were sentenced Monday morning. After serving their time, the women will be deported.

In a police report obtained by ABC News, bin Laden's youngest wife, Amal Ahmad Abdul Fatah, revealed that on the decade between the 9/11 attacks and bin Laden's death, he did not live in rugged caves in the Afghan border region but resided in various houses in major Pakistani cities. While in hiding, bin Laden fathered four children -- at least two of whom were born in government hospitals in Pakistan.

The Asscoiated Press contributed to this report.

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