2nd grader allegedly molested by 5th graders at North Hills school


An investigation is under way into the alleged incident at Carlos Santana Arts Academy, but many parents want to know why they are only now finding out about it.

The alleged sexual abuse happened between September and December of last year. The mother of the alleged victim, who wished to remain anonymous, told Eyewitness News that her son has been transferred to another school.

The Los Angeles Unified School District said in a statement that the allegation was reported to school authorities in mid-March.

"The school responded immediately by reporting to the appropriate agencies and reviewing safety and supervision procedures to ensure the safety of their student body," LAUSD said in a statement.

LAUSD is cooperating with the police investigation.

"We ... leave our children at the school thinking the kids are going to be safe. In reality, we don't know whose hand we're leaving them in," the mother of the alleged victim said.

Some parents say they are outraged that they are just learning about these allegations.

"I have two kids in here, so now, what can I do? I don't feel like bringing my kids again here," said parent Laura Ortega.

Attorney Luis Carrillo, who is representing the alleged victim's family, says it should not have taken the child's mother to alert school officials about the alleged sexual abuse on campus.

"It's very worrisome that if things like this are occurring over a several month period, and then it's only brought to light in March of this year, that means that the staff and administrators were asleep at the wheel," Carrillo said.

Carrillo adds that with allegations of sexual abuse surfacing at several LAUSD schools, the mother of the alleged victim is demanding much more be done to protect students.

"The mother wants justice. The mother wants therapy for her child. The mother wants changes in the procedures so that other mothers don't have to suffer what she's suffering," Carrillo said.

The lawyer for the alleged victim family says the students accused in the alleged abuse are still at the school. School officials would not confirm that information.

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