'The Five-Year Engagement' review: Long, but funny


Segel co-wrote the script with director Nicholas Stoller. And they have a great talent in showing you things that feel real and making you really care, and then mixing that with the absurd, all in the name of comedy.

It can be smart, silly, sweet and in the case of on pick-up scene, awkwardly amusing.

Alison Brie and Chris Pratt are really fun here. In fact, all the supporting players know their stuff. It's good casting.

Segel plays a likeable, understanding everyman with ease, and Blunt holds her own as a woman trying to have it all.

The movie tells a good story. My only real criticism here: Running about two hours, it feels too long and I found myself cutting it down as I watched it. It's still good, but it probably would have been better as "The Four-Year Engagement."

I smiled more than I laughed here, although I did laugh. But there's some deer hunting in the film I could have done without.

Overall, I would say "I do" to "The Five-Year Engagement."

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