Custom pet license plates fund spay, neuter programs in California


The plates can be ordered online for about $50, and $40 of each one sold will go to fund spay and neuter surgeries throughout the state. Brown and the first dog were in West Los Angeles Wednesday to encourage people to get the plates.

"I am here because the first dog, Sutter here, wants everyone to buy the license plates that will raise money for spay and neutering animals so not so many get killed. It's a great idea. It's not government, it's not bureaucracy, it's not Sacramento," Brown said.

Actor Pierce Brosnan was with the governor to help spread the word about the Pet Lover's program. Brosnan created the artwork for the license plate.

"There's over a million dogs and cats a year that go into shelters, most of whom are just killed. So in creating this license plate, it will enable people who couldn't necessarily afford to neuter their dog or their cat to take them to a shelter and have them neutered so they don't have unwanted babies," said Brosnan.

If you want to get more than a $50 Pet Lover's specialty license plate, you can personalize your plate with your animal's name for $98.

You can pre-order one of the license plates online, but you will not actually get one until the state reaches 7,500 pre-orders. As of this report, the state is several thousand plates away from doing that. Once it gets 7,500 pre-orders, the plates will be available directly from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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