Tips to avoid antibiotic-resistant superbugs


If you get sick, you could be in trouble.

"It may be very difficult to find an antibiotic that will help you get well. It may even be impossible," said Jean Halloran of Consumer Reports.

The problem is widespread. When Consumer Reports last tested chicken, two-thirds of the samples had harmful bacteria, and more than half of these bugs were resistant to antibiotics.

You can find meat that's been raised without antibiotics at stores like Whole Foods. But at other stores, it can be much harder to figure out what you're getting.

"We found a few labels that are misleading and not even approved by the government," Halloran said.

For example, labels that say "Antibiotic Free" and "Natural" are government approved, but it has nothing to do with antibiotics.

More helpful labels are ones like "No Antibiotics Administered" and "No Antibiotics Ever." But even better are labels that also say "USDA Process Verified."

"This means the government has gone out and checked up on the processor to make sure they're doing what they claim," Halloran said.

"Organic" is another sure bet for shoppers. All organic meat is raised without antibiotics.

Looking for these labels is the best way to ensure that the meat you're buying has no antibiotics.

Last year, there were studies from both Denmark and Canada that found when antibiotics were not administered to animals, the antibiotic-resistant bacteria decreased in humans.

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