Comedian Mike MacDonald needs liver, fellow comics help out


When the 56-year-old Canadian comic announced he had hepatitis C and needed to raise money for a liver transplant, his fellow Canadians immediately started helping out. His fellow comedians did the same at the Laugh Factor in Los Angeles.

MacDonald needs a liver transplant fast. Waiting for a deceased donor could take more than two years. So MacDonald needs someone to donate a part of his or her liver, hoping that will do the trick.

"He needs help right now and everybody's working tonight and the proceeds will go hopefully to getting him the surgery he needs and the care that he needs," Saget said.

Some of the comedians included Saget, Kevin Nealon, Tom Green, Joh Wing, Bobby Slayton and Jimmy Hotz.

MacDonald is revered by the Canadian comedians who followed in his footsteps, carving careers in laughter.

"When I was 15 years old at amateur night up in Ottawa, where Mike is from, Mike was everybody's hero," Green said. "He was a legend of Canadian comedy and we're just all here to sort of help him and hope he gets well soon."

MacDonald may be ill, but in the comedy world, that doesn't mean he can't be the butt of a joke.

"I thought it was Mike MacDonald from the Doobie Brothers. I didn't know it was this Mike MacDonald. I hate that guy," Slayton said.

If you'd like to help MacDonald - the comedian - visit his online fund at

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