Katherine Jackson agrees to share custody with TJ


A proposal for joint guardianship over Jackson's children will soon be presented to the court. It's a plan that will protect the children if there's a repeat of what happened last week, when Katherine was taken away for an unscheduled vacation by members of her family - who are contesting Michael Jackson's will.

The three children - Paris, Prince and Blanket - are heirs to the Jackson estate, which is estimated at $1 billion. For nine days, the children were unable to reach her.

After an altercation between family members erupted at the estate, Judge Mitchell Beckloff took emergency action at a hearing this week and appointed 34-year-old TJ as temporary guardian to replace Katherine.

On Friday, Katherine's attorney said that papers will soon be filed that will allow shared guardianship. TJ will deal with the children's school matters and household personnel, including security, while the 82-year-old matriarch will be free to focus on the children's day-to-day activities. She would also remain in control of the children's family allowance.

According for the attorneys of both Katherine and TJ, the children agree to the arrangement. The petition for joint guardianship may be filed Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

But now, the judge wants to know more about the family friction and how it is impacting the children. The judge has appointed Cary Ornelas, a probate court investigator, to find out more about the status of the three children. The investigator will have direct access to the grandkids and is authorized to interview them at their school on an unannounced basis.

The adult Jackson siblings are split over the validity of Michael Jackson's will. Randy Jackson, who was among those allegedly sequestering Katherine, accuses the executors of a plot.

"It is a fear and belief that they are trying to take my mother's life," he said in a statement.

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