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'Total Recall' review: Edge-of-your-seat action will keep you interested

August 3, 2012 12:00:00 AM PDT
Twenty-two years after the original, there's a new version of the sci-fi action-adventure, "Total Recall."

This time, there's no Arnold Schwarzenegger and it doesn't take us to Mars. Instead, the action is on Earth and the film stars Colin Farrell.

Farrell plays a factory worker who starts to think he used to be a spy after he visits Rekall, a company that's somehow able to turn your dreams into memories of a life you haven't really led. When things go wrong, he's suddenly hunted by government authorities and fighting for his life, even with the woman he thinks is his wife, played with nasty joy by Kate Beckinsale.

Beckinsale is on the verge of being absolutely evil to absolutely absurd here, but she's totally fun to watch, even when it's just silly. Jessica Biel provides just as much punch as another woman who's somehow involved in the life of Colin's character.

Bryan Cranston shows us another side to his talents, playing the film's big villain -- the role Ronny Cox had in the original.

Farrell's not only likable, he's tough in this role. And it's easy to root for him as he tries to figure out what's going on in his mind and why people want him dead.

Of course, many fights will ensue along the way, and the fight scenes are edge-of-your-seat. And despite all the action, there's still time for a little sense of humor.

I will admit "Total Recall" is sometimes hard to follow. I certainly got lost and a little confused, and I was really paying attention. That would have bothered me more if the movie didn't keep me so interested, but it did.

This "Total Recall" skates by with a PG-13 rating.