Conrad Murray looks to Calif. Supreme Court to overturn conviction


Conrad Murray has served nearly one year of his four-year sentence after being found guilty of manslaughter in Jackson's death. But his appellate attorney, Valerie Wass, is asking the high court to allow the defense to test the bottle of Propofol at the heart of the trial.

Wass says they can prove Murray did not mix a foreign substance with the Propofol, as prosecutors alleged.

Meantime, Murray's trial attorney says he is *not doing well in jail.

"There's an innocent man in this jail, serving time, being treated like a hardened criminal. We go in and see him they bring him out in chains, they chain him to a table," said Michael Flanagan, Murray's lawyer.

Murray and his lawyers maintain Jackson himself administered the lethal dose of Propofol.

In a statement, the district attorney's office said the proper forum for legal arguments is in the courtroom and not in the streets.

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