Jane Levy talks teenage drama in 'Fun Size'


"Your teenage years are a special time. There's a lot going on," said Levy. "You feel everything so deeply and I think that this movie touches on a lot of important things that happen during your teenage years."

Levy also explores the teenage years in the second season of the sitcom "Suburgatory."

Whether she's working on the small screen, or in the movies, Levy's in demand.

"She's a terrific actress. The part she plays in this movie as April is very different than her part on 'Suburgatory,'" said "Fun Size" director Josh Schwartz. "She was literally the first person who read for us for any part for the movie. We started casting and the first person who walked in was Jane Levy. As soon as she sat down, I said 'Who is this girl? She has to be a part of this movie.'"

"Fun Size" hits theatres Friday.

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