Bon Jovi to play 12-12-12 Superstorm Sandy benefit concert


Musician Jon Bon Jovi's professional plate is quite full right now, but he's putting that aside to focus on his roots and help the people of his native New Jersey, where the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy is still a very real problem.

"The truth is after a tragedy like this, the effect of it's not cured just because the lights go back on," said Jon. "And it'll make me more cognizant of the next hurricane that hits someone else's town, or the tornado that blows through the Midwestern city. It really humbles you."

By taking part in relief efforts, Jon and his band mates in Bon Jovi are thrilled to be able to lend a hand to the hometown crowd that has always remained loyal to them.

"You have to do more than talk the talk. But if you've had the same guys in your life like we've had with the band for 30 years, and the same wife for 32 years, and the same record company for 30 years, I think that those values ring true," said Jon.

Loyalty is also a theme in the new movie "Stand Up Guys" starring Al Pacino and Christopher Walken.

Bon Jovi contributes two songs to the film's soundtrack.

And while he does have some acting credits of his own, right now, he's happy to focus on music.

"I think that phase and stage of my life has passed, to be honest. I have a much better chance of being more successful writing the songs than I would have trying to compete with the caliber of actor that is participant in this film," said Jon. "But nonetheless it doesn't make me any less proud to be involved in it.

"Al Pacino writes you a letter and says 'I don't usually do this but I want you to know this is my favorite movie song,' so you think 'all right, this was fun,'" said Jon.

"Stand Up Guys" opens for a one-week run on Friday. We'll see it in wide release in February.

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