Judge rules on Cal Worthington divorce division of assets


Judge Mark Juhas ruled that Anna owes Cal the amount of $229,339. That amount was in a bank account of Cal's that Anna, 41, took during their marriage. Cal, 92, wanted the money back, and Tuesday's ruling affirmed when and how that would happen.

The judge ruled on the division of assets, including a house that the couple bought. Anna claimed the house was community property and that she was entitled to half the proceeds of the sale of the house.

Juhas ruled all proceeds from the sale of the house and the furnishings would be equally divided between the two parties less sale and delivery costs.

Anything unpaid from the $229,339 amount owed by Anna will be extracted from her portion of the home/furnishings sale.

The judge detailed the order of the division of proceeds. After the encumbrance (mortgage) is paid off, Cal Worthington is to be reimbursed for down payment and improvements to the house; the remaining amount will be equally divided (minus any unpaid amount owed by Anna to Cal from bank withdrawal).

Cal is limited to the Bella Drive property (the house in question) in his quest for reimbursement for Bella Drive expenditures. If the property sells for less than the encumbrance or the amounts he is owed from the house, he cannot seek further reimbursement from Anna.

Tuesday's ruling becomes final if attorneys do not make further proposals within 10 days of the ruling, which was issued on Dec. 7.

An attorneys fees hearing was scheduled for Dec. 20. A hearing on entry of judgment is scheduled for Feb. 28, 2013.

Anna, a 41-year-old singer from Iceland, filed for divorce in December 2011 after eight months of matrimony. Her attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said she was entitled to half of a $3 million mansion in Beverly Hills that Cal purchased during their marriage.

Cal disagreed. During closing arguments in Los Angeles County Superior Court, his attorney, Stephen Kolodny, said Anna Worthington signed a prenuptial agreement, which only entitled her to $30,000 in spousal support.

Kolodny also alleged that Anna took more than $200,000 from accounts she shared with her husband and then diverted the money in private accounts. But Kaplan said his client never had any spending restrictions.

At 92 years old, Cal Worthington says his fans still recognize him and call to him by name. Worthington is well-known in the Southland because of his colorful TV used-car lot ads featuring exotic animals and his own folksy Western charm.

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