'Guilt Trip' travel scenes shot on green screen


Playing mother and son, they hit the road in the film. Actually, though, they barely left town. Instead, they shot their travels on green screen.

"The guy that did it is good. I've worked with him a few times," said Rogen. "You would never know. We were never at the Grand Canyon even. It's crazy."

Streisand said being able to shoot the green screen scenes were fun. Not as fun though was a scene where she tries to eat a massive steak dinner so she can get it for free. It took days.

"I mean, at the beginning of this process, I said, 'Look, I can't eat steak for days. This is like a three-day shoot. So can you come up with something else?' And then there was nothing else to come up to because that was the real story with Dan, the writer, and his mother. And it was right for the film, so I had to do it," said Streisand.

"The Guilt Trip" opens Dec. 19.

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