Ariel Winter custody case reaches settlement; star to stay with sister for now


Her older sister, Shanelle Gray, will remain the actress' temporary guardian, according to the deal reached Wednesday. Meantime, the star's father, Glenn Workman, was appointed temporary guardian of her finances and both parents have agreed to undergo counseling with Winter and Gray to try and reach a long-term reunification.

Winter will continue living with Gray for the next several months. The two held hands throughout the court proceedings. Winter's mother, Chrisoula Workman, left the hearing in tears without speaking with many reporters. However, she did tell Eyewitness News that she is doing better and that all parties involved are trying hard to get everything worked out.

Her positive outlook was also shared by Superior Court Judge Michael Levanas, who praised the family and their attorneys, saying, "I do believe things are going to get better."

The 14-year-old actress contends she was subjected to physical and mental abuse by her mother, who vehemently denies the allegations.

Winter's brother, Jimmy Workman, says matters have been made worse by tabloid media accusing his mother of meddling.

"Pure, excuse my language, hell," he said. "Nothing but lies, untruths being put on the Internet, unfortunately I hate to say it, but TMZ has done nothing but lie."

Eyewitness News tried to speak with TMZ about Jimmy Workman's comments, but calls were not returned.

Attorneys for Chrisoula Workman previously argued that Winter was a smart but headstrong teen. There was concern about Winter's older boyfriend, according to her brother.

"This young man is over the age of 18, he should know better," he said.

Last month, a judge decided that Winter should stay with her sister, pending a more extensive hearing on permanent guardianship. Gray is also an actress who has appeared on "The Bold and the Beautiful" and operates acting studios with her husband. Gray's attorney has said she was subjected to similar abuse by her mother and that state authorities removed her from Chrisoula Workman's home when she was a teenager.

The court has concerns too, saying that as the family repairs the damage, Winter's mother is to step back and must not appear at Winter's work site without permission.

Jimmy Workman hopes the situation turns out for the best.

"That all the lies go away and my younger sister little comes back home where she belongs -- with parents," he said

Winter plays Alex Dunphy on the popular ABC series. She has several projects in the works and has a lengthy resume of appearances on TV series such as "ER" and "Phineas and Ferb" and movies such as "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," ''Ice Age: The Meltdown" and "ParaNorman."

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