Red Bucket Equine Rescue in Chino Hills facing closure


The Red Bucket Equine Rescue at 2885 English Rd. saved 109 horses that were abused, neglected and bound for slaughter. They've since been nurtured back to good health and the number of horses being cared for has climbed to 142. But the ranch that prides itself on helping horses is once again in need of some help of its own.

"With the good fortunate and grace of many of our owners, we were able to scrape up the down payment for this place, but it's expensive, and I have a balloon payment due Dec. 31, and we're trying to pull that payment together right now," said Susan Peirce, founder of Red Bucket.

They're also hoping people adopt the horses.

"Of course it brings tears to your eyes, it does to me, because they're going to a great place and we've helped them on that journey, and so it just touches our hearts and we have tears usually," said Susan Vanderbos, a volunteer at the ranch.

Anyone wishing to donate to the organization or find more information on adopting a horse can do so at

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