Snow chain installer finds man's lost wedding ring


Douglas Bennedetti was working on Interstate 80 in Blue Canyon when he saw a man searching for something in the snow. The man told Bennedetti he lost his ring while putting the chains on his tires.

After scouring the snow, the man drove off empty-handed with his wife in the car. Bennedetti decided to search on his own and eventually found the silver wedding ring.

"A sentimental piece for a special time in their life, and they don't need to have it lost on the side of the highway," said Bennedetti. "I'd like to give it back to him; and he, in return, can pay it forward to someone else later in life."

Bennedetti never took down the man's number so he couldn't let him know about the discovery.

The ring has "Lisa June 5th, 2012" inscribed on the inside.

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