Storms create nightmare for national fliers


More than 350 flights were expected to be delayed Thursday. There were no major delays reported out of Los Angeles International Airport in the evening, although some arriving flights were affected by the weather.

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More than 1,700 flights were canceled nationwide Wednesday after snowstorms unleashed more than 30 rare winter tornadoes and caused 6 fatalities.

The Midwest and Northeast are now digging themselves out of the powerful storms, backing up travel across the country. In the midst of the holiday travel scramble, travelers are preparing themselves for just about anything.

"Get there early. Leave early," advised traveler Jasmine Jenkins of Glendale. "We had to go back; I forgot something so it's just like that. Try to pack the night before, get plenty of rest, and get there early."

Delays had one pilot so mad that he took to the plane's intercom.

"It's beyond reproach. I have no words to tell you how sorry I am for all of this," the unidentified pilot told travelers. "Decisions are being made way above our heads by people that obviously, in my humble opinion, don't have a clue what they're doing."

The same storm that dumped snow on the Midwest is now moving up the Northeast coast where the snow level is being measured in feet in some places.

Further south, heavy rain is hitting places like Florida.

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Most travelers that trekked the holiday rush were relieved when they finally reached their listed final destination.

"I had a flight out of Montgomery, Alabama and my flight there was delayed 5 to 6 hours," said David Remain of West Los Angeles. "Fortunately, they were able to put me on the last flight coming from Dallas-Fort Worth to Los Angeles and I'm here."

Passengers who weren't as lucky remain hoping and praying for the best.

"I'm just crossing my fingers but we've had a lot of bad weather," said Tina Brown traveling from Los Angeles to Iowa. "When I flew out here, I just barely missed the really bad storm that basically was the first snow of the season."

Flying this holiday? Check your flight status before heading out

A traveler leaving Los Angeles said he was expecting his flight to be the least excruciating part of his trip. Heading home during the holidays often means dealing with family which can be stressful, especially when its a new family.

"There's six of us going back to my son's fiancée's to meet his family and get along so the flight might be the easiest part of it," said traveler Vincent Webber. "When we get back there, it's going to be tough getting along with the new in-laws."

Anyone heading to the airport is advised to contact the airline to track a flight status.

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