Cool Kid works to help animals, environment


Carol Sanchez wants to help educate people when it comes to appreciating animals. She volunteers at the Los Angeles Zoo and at the Best Friends Animal Society. Carol says she feels a close bond with animals and loves working with them.

"They make me calm in a way. Just being with them, I'm just by myself, my time," says Carol. "They're just so calming and it makes you feel good just being with them."

At the shelter, Carol spends lots of time in the kennels with dogs and cats. But she's happy to help wherever she is needed.

"I like to be part of a team," says Carol. "Just doing even the tiniest things. Sometimes I'll come and not even interact with the animals. Sometimes I'll just be doing laundry or dishes.

Her love and interest for all animals has pointed her in the direction of a career where she can work with them. Even the college she's chosen is part of her plan to accomplish that goal.

"UC Davis, and I want to major in wildlife biology or environmental science," says Carol.

Carol wants to do so much for animals and people alike. Everything she does is about making the planet a better place.

"You have to be the change you want to see in the world. So if I want something, I'm not going to complain and say, 'Oh, I wish this was different,' I'm at least going to try to change it, you know?" says Carol.

Carol Sanchez is a Cool Kid with a special connection to our four-legged friends. And she wants others to feel the same way.

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