'Warm Bodies' star Teresa Palmer talks action, romance in zombie flick


Teresa Palmer plays a human fighting to survive in a world filled with zombies, and fight she does. I asked her why is it that every time she takes on a movie, there is somehow action involved.

"I don't know. These projects are coming my way. I love being physical. I love it in my everyday life. Getting to come to work and shoot guns and fly around on wires and do stunts is so much fun," said Palmer. "I had bruises though and my battle scars. I really enjoy doing those sorts of things."

Turns out, zombies may have hearts. At least the one played by Nicholas Hoult does. He falls for Palmer's character and suddenly, this zombie film takes on a romantic twist and becomes, in part, a love story.

"I love how that it is a quirky take on that zombie genre. I just think it is really interesting and, hopefully, the fans of that genre will be open-minded and understand that we are trying to come from a different angle and do something new and original," said Palmer. "It's really its own thing and that's why I was so attracted to this project in the first place."

"Warm Bodies" is Rated PG-13 and opens Friday.

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