Meal delivery services in Southern California now affordable, healthy


A handful of companies are making it easy to get good, quality dishes delivered to your family in a host of creative ways.

Melissa Lanz wanted to feed her family well, but found she had little time to do it right, so she created the Fresh 20 company for busy parents. It's a meal planning service that uses 20 fresh ingredients per week to make 5 weeknight family dinners."

This week for example, chicken, salmon and beans are the protein sources, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese for pasta, a soup, along with walnuts for pasta and salad. Lanz dreams up the dinners, sends ingredients and portions suggestions, and you hit the grocery with a well-defined list.

"It eliminates waste and it gets people thinking about what they can do with fresh food in their kitchen," Lanz said.

The Fresh 20 costs $5 per month or $49 per year.

Also designed to help you cut cost is the Fresh Dish company. It delivers a meal kit right to your door and you can put dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes.

"You don't have to do any shopping, you don't have to do any chopping, you don't have to do any measuring. We do it all for you," said Rachel Adams of Fresh Dish.

Order one to four meals weekly and a refrigerated box of premeasured chopped ingredients comes to your doorstep with recipe in tow.

They don't do the diet thing per se, but rather well-balanced healthy meals, including things like kale chips and quinoa. Meals average $8 per person for a family of four.

Finally, Out of the Box Collective offers farm-to-table delivery from local farmers, ranchers and artisans with boxes that feed up to four for as little as $25.00. Build your own box or get their proteins and produce and such, complete with themed recipes like "Meatless Monday," "Feast of the Week" or "What's for Dinner, Darling?"

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