War/Photography exhibit set to debut in LA


The venue is set to open its latest exhibit titled War/Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath Saturday.

The show is free to the public but some of the images are not suitable for everyone.

The 1945 photo of the flag rising on Iwo Jima was the spark for the show which was organized by The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

The Los Angeles exhibit includes 150 of the images of war, daily routine, fighting, executions, homecoming and much more.

The show also includes a documentary featuring six photographers, including David Hume Kennerly who won a Pulitzer Prize for his photography of the Vietnam War.

"I think the difference between a moving image and the still photo is that the still photography takes a right to your heart and soul," Kennerly said. "Those images stick with you."

Many of the images on display are iconic pictures we've seen before in newspapers, magazines and in books. Yet there is something very different about seeing the photos in person, seeing them as the photographer saw them through the lens.

The Annenberg Space for Photography hopes the exhibit gets people thinking and talking about what they see.

"When you're looking at these images mostly in books, magazines or even on television, there's a certain distance that you feel," Leonard Aube of The Annenberg Foundation said. "But when you're in a space like this it's immediately intimate and it's unvarnished."

The exhibit will be open two months in Los Angeles before moving to Washington, D.C. and New York.

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