LA mayor race: Kevin James endorses Eric Garcetti


Sealing his support with a handshake, former mayoral candidate Kevin James, the only Republican in the race before it was narrowed to the current two candidates, announced his choice for the next L.A. mayor: City Councilman Eric Garcetti.

"He has a record of job growth in his district that I hope and believe that he will bring to the city of Los Angeles," said James.

James says his supporters wanted to know which candidate will get his vote and why. Garcetti wants James to be an advisor.

Garcetti promises to make tough choices if elected on May 21.

"Because when we are able to do things like pension reform and balancing a budget, that means that we save city services, and save city jobs by the way. We are able to provide people and taxpayers with what they deserve every single time. They pay taxes to the city of Los Angeles," said Garcetti Tuesday.

His competitor, City Controller Wendy Greuel, told supporters at UCLA she's the candidate best able to shape up City Hall, starting with a 25-percent cut to the mayor's budget.

"We'll operate more efficiently and we'll work harder, but we'll work with less. That's what families do each and every day," said Greuel.

Greuel says she wanted an endorsement from James but points out she already has the support of another well-known Republican who could swing votes her way.

"Mayor Dick Riordan, who has not only been a mayor and is Republican and has supported a lot of people out there, and particularly he has supported me and all of my candidacies," said Greuel.

Greuel and Garcetti agree the issues facing Los Angeles, such as high unemployment and budget deficits, are not partisan problems. Voters have seven weeks to decide which candidate should be the city's next problem-solver.

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