Good Samaritan donates $100 to replace Air Force member's torn banner in La Verne

LA VERNE, Calif.

Shepperd's wife Michelle says she feels disgraced.

"It's sad to see that my husband who sacrifices everything he can to be in the Air Force and to serve his country and this is how he is repaid," said Michelle.

"I am very proud of my daddy," said Declan, the couple's son. "Can you please fix his sign?"

"It's a ratty sign," said Jeff, Sheppherd's father. "It's been ratty for awhile now. It's terrible I go by it every day."

Shepperd's family members say banner has remained worn and torn for far too long.

Michelle says the city put the banners up with the help of donations from the community. She says thankfully a Good Samaritan started a Facebook campaign to raise enough money to replace her husband's weathered banner.

She says the anonymous donor then decided not to wait for donations and instead dug in his own pocket to pay the $100 price to have the banner replaced.

"I was just blown away that this guy who is a perfect stranger to us. He was just here on a whim one day, saw this and took it up on himself to make this heard that this is not right," said Michelle.

The Shepperd family is elated the banner is being replaced.

The Good Samaritan wants to remain just that a Good Samaritan with no public acknowledgement.

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