Swastikas found spray painted at Tesoro Del Valle Recreation Center in Valencia


Authorities say the suspect or suspects had to have jumped a fence to gain access to the gated Tesoro Del Valle Recreation Center where the swastikas were scrawled.

The residents in the area have to dial a code to enter. A camera also monitors the recreation area's entrance at all times.

The reason for the vandalism is still unclear but the swastikas are everywhere you look. They cover the gazebo, signs, the tennis court and the walkway.

Starr Sandak and her son Dakota discovered the hate-laced words and symbols on Mother's Day.

"Why would they do that?" said Starr. "What is it in Valencia that would make someone come out and do that?"

"It was just utter disbelief to see," said Dakota. "We counted about 20 swastikas throughout the park."

The taggers even went as far as spray painting private parts on the pavement and misspelled racist slogans like "white power" on the ground.

Isaac Lieberman is Jewish. He lives just blocks from the crime. The sight turned his stomach.

"Now we've got young people who idolize that kind of despicable mess, murder or they're just ignorant," said Lieberman.

He says the suspects need a history lesson.

"We're not doing a good enough job at educating people about the history of the Nazis, the mass murder of six million Jews in World War II," said Lieberman. "They murdered homosexuals and intellectuals."

Lieberman says he's never been the victim of intolerance in his neighborhood. But this isn't the first time he's seen swastikas in Valencia.

Sheriff's deputies are calling this a hate crime and are actively searching for suspects.

Euclid Management oversees the recreation center and says they're actively cooperating with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich offered a $10,000 reward Tuesday for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of the person or people responsible for the vandalism.

Anyone with information regarding the vandalism was urged to contact the L.A. County Sheriff's Department Santa Clarita Station at (661) 255-1121.

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