Osteoarthritis: Things you didn't know could cause it


But specific things can lead to osteoarthritis, like not getting the proper amount of nutrients.

"Calcium and vitamin D have a lot to do with bone growth and maintaining bone strength," Orlando said.

Not maintaining an ideal body weight puts extra stress on your joints. Orlando says regular exercise helps keep you trim and builds muscles which protects joints, but don't push too hard.

"If you like to run and your knees are hurting, maybe run every other workout, and the other workout do a bike, do a stair climb, do an elliptical, mix it up," he said.

In the gym, proper form prevents injuries, but if you do get hurt, don't ignore it. Not paying attention to pain only leads to more pain. Also, poor posture can accelerate osteoarthritis.

"You're putting unequal pressure on the joints of your spine and your spinal column, and they will wear out as well," he said.

Avoid repetitive stress injuries. This can also increase your arthritis risk.

While certain diets promise to promote better cartilage health, Orlando says the only anti-arthritis diet is a balanced one. But, he adds evidence supporting the importance of vitamin D for bone health is well established.

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