'Hangover Part III' stars talk how film franchise changed their lives


"The sound of it, without sounding too corny, makes me feel so good inside as a human being. It just does. It's just fun to hear," said Zach Galifianakis.

The cast has had fun making all three "Hangover" movies, and it has changed all of their lives.

"The impact on our lives and our careers can't be overstated," said Ed Helms. "Our public profile just went through the roof and suddenly it gave us the freedom to pursue other projects that we might not have been able to otherwise and we made some great friends."

Bradley Cooper said it also provides economic stability.

"It provided a stability that, you know, you can only dream of when you decide to be an actor. The last thing you think is that you'll ever be financially secure in any way," said Cooper.

Ken Jeong's world also changed dramatically after he appeared in the first "Hangover."

"The moment Mr. Chow jumped out naked in the trunk, it changed my life from black and white to technicolor. It just changed everything," said Jeong. "I still go home genuinely stunned at what's going on."

"The Hangover Part III" opens Thursday. Don't miss the closing credits.

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