Lawyer's Vegas party causes $100K damage, police say


Encino-based attorney Robert Pearman is leader of a real-life "Wolf Pack." Police say, in one night, the 45-year-old caused nearly $100,000 in damages.

According to a criminal complaint, he was partying inside the Encore's room #2401, a two-story, 5,800-square-foot room. It costs thousands a night to stay in.

It includes a massage room and a pool table that once hosted the most famous game of strip billiards ever when Prince Harry showcased the 'royal jewels'.

Pearman is accused of getting drunk and trashing the room while several women accompanied him. Police say he damaged carpeting, floors, drapes, chairs, pillows, lamps, a speaker, a book, and even a decorative vase.

Police say Pearman turned to a famous line from Charlton Heston's Moses when confronted by officers. They quote him as saying, "I did all this, I am responsible, let my people go."

The criminal complaint says the attorney then threatened to sue Steve Wynn, Encore's owner.

He promised to "depose Steve Wynn and make this place napalm."

If you're too young to remember, napalm is a jelling agent mixed with petroleum used in incendiary devices, made famous by "Apocalypse Now."

Pearman is out of jail pending an appearance in criminal court. He's also fighting a civil suit from the hotel.

Eyewitness News reached out to Pearman but did not hear from him. Encore officials said they are not commenting on the story.

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