Cool Kid starts club to help feed the hungry


Sammy Yoelin saw a need to feed the hungry in his community. He found out that some places had extra food donations. So he put his simple plan into action.

"We got the excess bread from the church and we made the sandwiches in my back yard, the easiest way we could, simple," said Yoelin. "And then we would donate the sandwiches to Temple Beth Shalom and the Salvation Army in the area."

Sammy and his brothers Ryan and Darren formed Club Sandwich at Villa Park High School. Sammy and his club members know they are doing something important.

"It's a great feeling to know that I'm a part of that. I almost started a big trend of giving back to the community, and these kids can't wait for the next meeting," said Sammy.

The high school senior plans to keep up with his community involvement while pursuing his career choices.

"Into business and accounting, so that hopefully takes me somewhere. Hopefully, I'm able to take the club to college. That would be great if I could be able to do that," said Sammy.

As busy as high school can be, Sammy makes sure that he always has time to help.

"It's like an incredible experience to give back to where you were raised. I love doing it," said Sammy. "I keep on giving it my all and the results are incredible every time you do it."

Cool Kid Sammy Yoelin is making sure that those in need get the most basic necessity: food.

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