Woodland Hills bee attack: 4-year-old boy stung 40 times


The incident happened around 8 p.m. Sunday while Max Bordonaro was playing at Warner Center Park with his grandmother.

"It hurts from my toes to my head," said Max.

Max was kicking his soccer ball in the middle of the open field when he was suddenly attacked.

"I was trying to stop the ball. But when I stopped it, the bees thought I was trying to hurt their home, so they stung me," he said.

His mother, Kimberly Bordonaro, said her son was stung all over his body.

"I pulled out about 25 stingers right there and counted 40 marks on his body," she said.

Max and four others were stung, but the 4-year-old was the center of the attack.

"They stung me, but I did not run, I just screamed," Max said.

His lips swelled to twice their size as his little body was overcome. His mother said that he vomited and had seizures when they got to the hospital.

Max spent the night in the hospital after a very close call. His grandmother said they didn't see a hive anywhere and that the bees came out of nowhere.

"It's summertime, you're expecting, yes, my kid's going to have a bee sting or two during the summer, especially out at a park. What concerned me was the amount of bees, that there were other people attacked as well and that they were so aggressive," said Max's mother.

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