Michael Jackson trial: More about the jurors


Jurors have 80 days of testimony to debate. Through court documents, they have disclosed their top priorities. They elected juror No. 6 as the foreperson, a married high school physical education teacher who lives in downtown Los Angeles.

The jurors have requested two pieces of evidence: Dr. Conrad Murray's independent contractor agreement and a DVD copy of the "This Is It" documentary, which portrayed Jackson during the time his family's attorneys say his health was deteriorating.

"They're going to be looking to see what the defense has said for them to look for, is that Michael Jackson was performing very well just before his death," said legal analyst Barry Edwards.

Jackson attorney Brian Panish urged jurors in closing arguments to dismiss the movie because it was AEG that helped produce it, showing Jackson in the best light. As for Murray's contract, it would be the centerpiece of any argument dealing with the first question on the verdict form: Did AEG Live hire Dr. Conrad Murray?

About the foreperson, some Jackson fans have had questions about him. Two wrote a letter of complaint to the judge, which was later submitted into evidence. The fans asserted that the juror had noticeable eye contact with a female AEG lawyer. Fans interpreted it as flirting, but the judge did not.

"The judge did nothing with regards to the complaint and I don't believe there is much importance that can be placed on that by a third party against this juror," said Edwards.

The jurors who will decide this case are:

- Juror No. 1: A white female banker who lives in downtown Los Angeles

- Juror No. 2: A female triage nurse

- Juror No. 3: A t-shirt print businessman from West Los Angeles

- Juror No. 4: A Hispanic female customer service representative for AT&T from Whittier

- Juror No. 5: A female software engineer for JPL from Highland Park

- Juror No. 6: A white male high school physical education teacher

- Juror No. 7: A black female UCLA clinical research coordinator from Westchester

- Juror No. 8: An Asian male who works for Baxter Health Care

- Juror No. 9: A retired civil engineer

- Juror No. 10: A black male retired metal worker

- Juror No. 11: A white female retired UCLA cancer researcher

- Juror No. 12: A male DWP employee from East Los Angeles

Edwards says it's an educated and attentive group.

"Certainly they were taking a lot of notes and they were listening to the testimony quite clearly, and I think that's important to both sides," said Edwards

The jury has Monday off. They will resume deliberations on Tuesday.

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