Car mirrors targeted by thieves in Burbank


"The owners go out to their cars and there's not much damage to it, it's just that the mirrors are missing," said Sgt. Darin Ryburn with the Burbank Police Department.

Ryburn says since mid-June, 18 mirrors have been reported stolen and 75 percent of them are from Mercedes models.

Investigators say these mirrors have become popular with thieves for two main reasons: they can be removed quickly and easily, and they sell for a lot of money.

"They're about $1,300 for the market value for these Mercedes mirrors that we've had," said Ryburn.

Ryburn says surrounding communities are also seeing a rise in the theft of these mirrors. And it's not just Mercedes-Benz mirrors. Police say mirrors from Toyotas and Nissans have also been taken.

Police say most of the mirrors were stolen from cars parked street side. It's uknown how the thieves are fencing the mirrors.

"Unfortunately, we have no idea where they're going. They could be going to parts stores, they could be going to Craigslist. We just don't know at this time," said Ryburn.

Their advice is to try to keep your car in a secure spot and keep an eye out for suspicious behavior.

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