Air Force sergeant surprised w/ car makeover after overseas mission


The emotional moment was all caught on camera as he realized an entire community teamed up to do something special for him.

Master Sgt. Matt Feldhouse bought a 1998 Honda Prelude last year. It needed some work, but right before he deployed to the Middle East, the engine stopped working.

He just came back home to Tampa, Fla. earlier this week, and he never expected his friends and family, including a group of men from his church, would surprise him in such a special way.

"Not because of the car at all, but more of the fact that, that many people came together to do something nice for me," Feldhouse said.

It turns out, a Ford dealership in Tampa joined other businesses to donate thousands of dollars in parts and labor. They completely refurbished not only the engine but the entire car inside and out.

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