Teen sentenced in murder of neo-Nazi father


Riverside County Superior Court Judge Jean Leonard ordered the teenage boy to placed with the Division of Juvenile Justice. His defense counsel said they were expecting that ruling.

"We were not surprised. We were prepared. We think that it's a complete miscarriage of justice from before even January 2013," said lead defense counsel Punam Grewal.

In January the court found the teen intentionally murdered his father, Nazi leader Jeff Hall. The boy put a gun to his father's head as he slept and pulled the trigger.

"He does well in structured environments. My hope up there is that will continue, of course, and he'll finally start to get to deal with the actual act of killing his father," said Chief Deputy District Attorney Michael Soccio.

The teen's attorney had argued he belonged in an alternative treatment center to deal with his learning disabilities and other special needs. Already an appeal has been filed.

"We are going to come back into court in six months to see and to challenge the actually placement at the Department of Juvenvile Justice," said Grewal.

Calling the murder case one of the hardest in his career, in court Soccio asked that he be allowed to remain in contact with the teen, who will be eligible for parole in seven years.

"He's so peculiar and yet charming and a lost soul, and I like him," said Soccio. "And I am hoping that maybe by staying in touch I can help other people too to get him so when he comes out he'll be OK."

With good behavior the teen could be eligible for parole in five years. The maximum time he would spend at the juvenile detention center would be 10 years.

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