Florida fisherman captures 800-lb stingray


Mark Quartiano, known as Mark the Shark, says he's caught thousands of sharks, but never encountered anything like this.

"It's a very rare fish. It's like a big gigantic whipping stingray. It's a dinosaur," Quartiano told ABC News.

Known as a Dactylobatus clarkii, the creature measured in at around 14 feet and was caught in waters about 500 feet deep. Quartiano made the catch while shooting a series of TV shows for a Japanese network.

The fish was captured, tagged and released back into the ocean.

In October, an 18-foot oarfish was found dead in the water off Catalina Island. Then just days later, the carcass of a 14-foot oarfish washed up at a beach in Oceanside.

ABC News contributed to this report.

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