Las Vegas casino shooting caught on surveillance video


The shooting happened on Oct. 21 inside Bally's on the Las Vegas Strip. Police say it started when Benjamin Frazier, 41, was mad about paying a $30 cover charge at Drai's nightclub.

The surveillance video shows Frazier arguing with a security guard. He takes out his gun, throws the security guard to the ground and shoots at him. He then shoots at another man, who falls to the ground.

Both of those men survived their wounds. As Frazier presses on into Bally's casino, you can see one man hiding from the shooter. Frazier continues aiming his weapon inside the casino when Drai's patron Kenneth Brown jumps on him from behind.

A gunshot goes off and Brown wrestles Frazier to the ground. Just as extra security arrives, another shot goes off that ends Brown's life.

Brown, known to friends as K.D., grew up in Southern California and worked at the Comedy Store for more than a decade.

Frazier is behind bars on murder charges. His attorneys believe his judgment was impaired that night due to alcohol and drugs. They say he didn't intend to kill anybody. They say when he was attacked from behind, the gun simply went off.

"There's two issues -- whether or not there was an intent to actually murder the person that he didn't know was going to jump him from behind and whether or not that gun went off in the scuffle," said defense attorney Vicki Greco.

In two weeks, a panel in Nevada will consider whether prosecutors should go forward with the death penalty against Frazier.

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