Burbank couple celebrates 82 years of marriage


On Friday, a bowl of 82 Baby Ruth bars, the very candy that brought them together, represents the number of years the Burbank couple has been married.

"When we were in the fifth grade, I happened to be his pick for a girlfriend. That was kids' stuff, of course," said Edna.

In sixth grade, Edna's family moved six miles away. That distance didn't stop Harold from driving to see his sweetheart.

"Then, you didn't need a license. His dad was chief of police. He built up the pedals so that he could drive," said Edna.

As the two dated, Edna recalls one outing during their junior year in high school.

"He said, 'Well when we get married…' I said, 'What? Get married? Why, Harold Owings, if I thought I would marry you, I would quit you right now,'" said Edna. "He's a Leo. He must have been very persistent."

Family and friends listened to the longtime couple as they were honored at Bellarmine-Jefferson High School. Worldwide Marriage Encounter named them the longest married couple in the United States, based on nominations submitted to the faith-based marriage enrichment program. The idea is to inspire young couples that marriages can go the distance.

"We've had such a happy marriage. It's a storybook marriage. It's easy because I guess we loved each other and we talked things out," said Edna. "We are as much in love now as we were when we got married."

"That's for sure," Harold agrees.

The Owings have four grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Their relationship has been the family's foundation.

"They have such love, they never argue, they are always happy," said granddaughter Carla Schneider. "They are an inspiration to all people in love."

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