Lisa Kudrow testifies on why she fired manager


The actress spent much of the day testifying about how her working relationship started with former manager, Scott Howard, more than 20 years ago.

"I was starting to feel like I didn't need a manager anymore," Kudrow said.

Howard is suing her for $1.7 million for fees he says he's owed from deals that were made before he was fired in 2007. Howard says he had an oral agreement with Kudrow. The jury will have to decide if that is binding.

Howard's legal team says Kudrow's lawyers and managers did not have signed contracts. They only had oral agreements. On Thursday, his attorney asked Kudrow if Howard needed to go because he wasn't needed.

"I don't know if I put it that way or went that far. I don't recall exactly. I may have let him know that everyone around me, everyone was firing their managers. I think I wanted him to know that having a manager was unnecessary," said Kudrow.

The two worked together for 16 years. It was revealed in court that Howard was compensated more than $11 million in fees by the actress during that time.

By the last season of "Friends," which ended in 2004, Kudrow asked Howard to cut his commission fee from 10 percent to 5 percent. He eventually agreed.

"My intention was I didn't think it was fair that Scott got more than the agents," said Kudrow.

Howard's attorneys are expected to bring in an expert witness on Friday. Kudrow's attorneys say the actress may return to the stand Friday or Monday.

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