Katharine McPhee stars in romantic TV film 'In My Dreams'


Two strangers begin to dream about each other in ABC's Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, "In My Dreams." It happens after they each make a wish and throw their coins into a fountain.

McPhee and Mike Vogel play the two romantically-challenged people who somehow make a strange love connection in their sleep.

"I think that's what the overall message of this film is, is that there's hope," said McPhee. "I'd like to have more romantic dreams, which is why I think I was drawn to something that was just so hopelessly romantic."

McPhee says the film reminds her of one of her friends.

"I don't have super vivid dreams, so that's why, for me, when I read the script, I thought it was kind of fun because it reminded me of my best friend. She's always calling me up...with these crazy dreams that she has and I'm kind of envious because some of them are so romantic and sweet," said McPhee.

The film is a fantasy, but here's one reality: McPhee's character runs an Italian restaurant and some scenes in it required a little movie magic.

"They were boiling cotton balls in water and they stuff the cotton balls under the pasta so the steam would come out from underneath. So it was all actually pretty cold -- the food -- but there were things that got passed around," said McPhee.

McPhee says making "In My Dreams" was a lovely experience and she thinks men will enjoy the romance and the fantasy just as much as women.

"They like these movies. They're just too manly to admit it," said McPhee.

"In My Dreams" airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on ABC7 and on WATCH ABC online.

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