LA unveils Robert Vargas Square, Boyle Heights intersection named after artist Robert Vargas

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Tuesday, December 20, 2022
LA intersection named after Boyle Heights artist Robert Vargas
Los Angeles unveiled the naming of a Boyle Heights intersection after native and internationally acclaimed artist Robert Vargas.

BOYLE HEIGHTS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Robert Vargas is an internationally acclaimed artist -- born and raised in Boyle Heights. He rose to prominence with his portraits and murals. The city of Los Angeles honored him by naming the intersection of First and State streets "Robert Vargas Square."

"I feel elated. It's an incredible honor. Extremely humbling. Most of all thank you to my beloved Boyle Heights for continuing to inspire me and teaching me perseverance and giving me strength," said Vargas.

Vargas uses various buildings across L.A. as his canvas to paint diverse murals. He's also painted around the world in places like Egypt and England, where he painted a mural of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

At the unveiling of the square, Vargas' mentors, colleagues, friends and family were present.

"Honestly, I couldn't ever imagine that he would make it all the way around the world because he paints around the world and back here. So, this is a huge honor for our family," said sister Erin Vargas.

Boyle Heights has several streets named after cultural icons like civil rights activist Dolores Huerta, who has her own square on First and Chicago streets. Most recently, the late Mexican singer Vincente Fernandez was honored with his own street between First Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. Now, there is Robert Vargas Square.

"And when we look at our history we'll know Boyle Heights has contributed in a big way to the cultural development of our community and also to the heroes that we look up to, Robert Vargas our homegrown hero," said Assemblymember Miguel Santiago.

Vargas is in the process of breaking a record with a 14-story mural that is next to Pershing Square in downtown L.A. He plans to finish it in the spring, and it could become the largest mural in the world painted by one artist.

"To my mother thank you for recognizing my creativity early on and supporting it and believing in me. Most of all thank you for just letting me be me," said Vargas.


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