Philadelphia photographer uses unique camera to capture your aura

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Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Philly photographer uses a unique camera to capture your aura!
Sara Silverstein is one of only 25 photographers in the WORLD who can capture your aura!

PHILADELPHIA -- Inner Light Aura isn't your typical portrait studio, instead it use a special camera to capture your aura.

Owner Sara Silverstein is one of only 25 photographers worldwide who offer this type of photography.

"Our aura is our own energy, it's like our own makeup. It's always following us around, however we can't see it with our naked eye." she says. "So aura photography allows us to capture that field around us, putting it on a Polaroid photo so we can see our own Technicolor energy."

Every color has a different meaning and during each session you receive a reading about your aura along with your photo.

The camera was designed in the 1970s.

"It's this whacky wild box," says Silverstein. "It takes in your electromagnetic field, feeds it into the camera and then an algorithm happens then it shoots out a Polaroid."

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