Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach this weekend

LONG BEACH (KABC) -- It's fun on two wheels this weekend in Long Beach: The Long Beach Convention Center is hosting the Progressive International Motorcycle Show. One of the biggest draws is an electric Harley.

If there's a place where a motorcycle show fits in really well, it's Southern California.

"This is where all the media's going to be. This is where all the manufacturers are going to be, and this is the home town for motorcycling," said Jim Dusky, spokesman for International Motorcycle Shows.

Not just for spectators, but for the motorcycle industry. Our mild climate is where their products sell well.

"Extremely well. This is one of our most important, most powerful markets in the world," said Kris Odwarka, vice president, BMW Motorrad USA.

Peruse everything on two wheels, or even three. The Can-Am Spyder three-wheeler has become a pretty big hit for those who don't want to go full motorcycle.

Want a dirt bike? They're all here, from large to small. Same goes for the motorcycles meant for the road: all sizes, all prices.

Some brands have surprises in store. Italian exotic Ducati is known for its racy superbikes, but they're displaying their new "Scrambler" line: old-school meets high-tech.

"We always talk about technology, about design. But we have to remember that a motorcycle is first of all, it's fun," said Dominique Cheraki, CEO, Ducati North America.

And talk about branching out in new directions: Harley-Davidson's latest creation is electric. It's not for sale yet, but the LiveWire is a fully functional battery-powered hog.

"We've been around for 111 years, so we want to be around for another 111, and with that, we definitely think electric-vehicle technology is a part of it," said Jen Hoyer, a spokeswoman for Harley-Davidson.

Even on press preview day, the LiveWire one got near constant attention.

This show actually tours the country through February, making a total of 11 stops. Since we have such mild weather in Southern California, you can take a demo ride this weekend. Several manufacturers are offering them to anyone with a valid motorcycle license.

"Where the rubber meets the road, that's the truth of it. And once you ride a new Indian motorcycle, you will get off with a smile on your face, I guarantee that," said Robert Pandya, a spokesman for Indian Motorcycles.

Or if you're a little too skittish, you can have some fun on the gigantic slot track and race a miniature motorcycle. A crash is much less painful and easier to put right.

The two-wheeled fun, small-scale and full-size, runs through Sunday.

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