Local small business creates Pure Defense product to safely sanitize car interiors in the age of COVID-19

The health pandemic forced many businesses to pivot and find new ways to stay afloat. A local auto product company created a conditioning sanitizer product for leather car interiors that's become a hit.
A lot of businesses have had to scramble to find ways to stay afloat these past few months. One local company came up with a new business model by finding a solution for a new problem.

Business was good for Europa Automotive before the pandemic, but when COVID-19 hit, sales slumped, and Bruce Bennett and his wife had to rethink their business model.

"We had a challenge with our accounts that they were shutting down. A lot of the body shops were going out of business, dealerships. So myself and my distributors couldn't sell any products," said Bruce Bennett.

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"Obviously we're going to wipe down the steering wheels, the key fobs, the door handles. We try and do everything to keep it as clean as possible...I have quite a few customers that work in hospitals right now and they need their car. It's really important."

It was Patty Bennett who brainstormed a sanitizing product that won't damage leather car interiors. And it's a hit!

"We can't keep up with demand. And we're so, we're just waiting for our next shipment to come in. And luckily, just today we did get some in," she said.

It's called Pure Defense, and it's a mixture of alcohol and aloe that sanitizes and conditions leather. Detailers are using it to clean cars and also to reassure customers.

"The customer base really feels secure with us and knows that we'll do everything to make sure that they're safe and their family is safe and put them back in their vehicles so they can all get back to work," said an employee at a Glendale car detail shop that utilizes Pure Defense.

"When we talk about Pure Defense, it's really about three things - purity, protection and safety. And when you're talking about the community element, yeah we're definitely are so thrilled to have developed a product that really meets all of those," said Patty Bennett.

Right now the product can be purchased online at buypuredefense.com, but if sales continue, don't be surprised if you see it on local store shelves, too. It's a simple solution to car care in the age of COVID-19.

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