Brazen baby buggy theft caught on video at Toluca Lake boutique

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Saturday, February 4, 2023
Video: Pregnant woman steals pricey stroller from Toluca Lake store
A pregnant woman and a male accomplice strolled out of a Toluca Lake with a baby buggy priced at $1,599.

TOLUCA LAKE, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A baby boutique in Toluca Lake is seeking the public's help finding a pregnant woman and male accomplice who walked away with a pricey infant stroller during a brazen daytime theft.

Security video shows a noticeably pregnant woman appearing to scope out the front of a baby boutique with no employees present. A man soon joins her and together they pick out - and then walk out - with an expensive stroller.

The store says the Mima Xari stroller retails for $1,599.

Diane Lapadjyan owns the Little Sprout baby store in Toluca Lake.

"I guess at the end of the day you have to laugh about it," she says. "What can you do?"

Diane says she greeted the pregnant woman, who seemed to be browsing the store while on her phone. But then Diane stepped out of that area to help another customer.

That was when the other man, also on his phone, walked in the front. And soon walked out with the stroller.

Moments later, Diane returned and they were gone. She soon realized the stroller was too.

"I pulled up our footage and I saw exactly what happened."

"I mean, I was in disbelief - it was like watching a movie."

She hopes her neighbors can also share any video with authorities of the two leaving the area. And she hopes the public sees the video and contacts police if they recognize the two thieves.

Neighbors have offered to replace the stolen stroller. But she's turning that money down - instead encouraging people to support Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.